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The Aim High athletic programs are responsible for the comprehensive development of all Aim High International athletes. The primary objective is to prepare the athletes for successful careers in their chosen sport, by focusing on their technical, tactical, physical, psychological and behavioral development. 

A key influencing factor on an athlete’s development potential is the provision of experienced, knowledgeable and state-of-the-art coaching. For this purpose, specialist coaches from around the world are recruited to Aim High International . 

Programs are structured around a framework of long-term athlete development, taking into account all aspects critical to maintaining a conducive high performance environment. Training and competition is structured to be both challenging and enjoyable, and in balance with each athlete’s academic and family related schedules. 

Throughout the year Aim High International athletes have the opportunity to participate in national competitions. The competition element of the Aim High International programs focuses on continuing performance development, while at the same time allowing athletes to experience and become accustomed to the challenges and demands of travel, performing in unfamiliar environments, weather conditions and adapting to different cultures. 

The aim of the athletics program is to nurture athletes who, upon graduation are well trained, disciplined, knowledgeable and resourceful individuals.

Athletic Development

The Future of Athletics

Aim High International is South Carolina's training ground for athletes who seek professional training to become the very best they can be.

Our campus is dedicated to total player development which includes:  physical conditioning, and nutrition as well as sports psychology (cognition, mental conditioning, leadership skills), and life skills.

Each sport program is developed and directed by a team of expert coaches, previous athletes and certified trainers. The combination of expert staff and facilities creates a results-driven program.

Physical Conditioning
  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Core Training 

  • Balance

  • Sport Specific Conditioning

  • Nutrition

  • Recovery

  • Sports Medicine

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Values

  • Inspiration

  • Loyalty

  • Clarity of Purpose

  • Efficiency

  • Commitment

Mental Conditioning
  • Composure

  • Consistency

  • Confidence

  • Decision Making

  • Imagery Training

Life Skills
  • Accountability

  • Time management

  • Self-reliance

  • Discipline

  • Organization

  • Financial skills