Women's Basketball

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The Aim High women's basketball programs have had tremendous success over the years.  Headed by the late Jim Halverson, the Aim High Belles saw hundreds of basketball players across the state of Michigan sign to play college basketball throughout the 90's and 2000's.

In 2017 Coach Erika Ernst brought the Aim High program to Phoenix, AZ where the Aim High Relentless team competed across the west coast and England & Spain.  The Aim High club team saw three of its players sign to play college basketball with remaining players graduating high school this year with offers on the way.

2020-2021 will mark the first year of Aim High International women's regular season basketball program.  We will embark upon the nation's toughest women's basketball schedule, sparing no expense, as we build our tradition of the becoming the best national program in the USA.  AIM HIGH!


To the ladies who dared to Aim High- we salute you!


Shannon Menapace- Stetson

Jessica Iannotti-U of Chicago

Alayne Ingram- U of Michigan

Jocelyn Ingram- Lamar U

Robyn Flewelling-Davidson

Elizabeth Cruz- UC Monterey

McKenna Peterson-Crown Col

Candace Jackson- Michigan St

Shakera McReynolds- La Tech

Stephanie Adelaine-Wofford

Havilah Cunningham-U No. Iowa

Shala Crook- Cleveland St U

in progress...


Arizona Defensive Player of the Year, Au
Arizona Defensive Player of the Year, Au

Aim High Relentless
Aim High Relentless